I am a compositor with 2 years of experience in the film industry. Seoul is where my career started as a film/ video producer, and to extend it I moved to San Francisco working in startup commercials and independent film projects as a production assistant and motion graphic designer. During this time I was fascinated by the capacity that compositing plays in VFX and the overall entertainment industry. I began my journey as a compositor stretching the technical skills I’ve obtained over the years.

 Majoring in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University, I have participated in 5 collaborative projects as a compositor executing crucial compositing skills such as chroma keying, paint out, rotoscoping, plate clean up, and creative effects including lightning. Nuke is the main software that I am proficient in. For an in-depth understanding of the VFX pipeline, I acquired intermediate skills in Houdini and Maya. Further grasp of Mel and Python scripting grounds my problem-solving skills in minuscule technical issues as a compositor.




IBK gizmo/color

Chroma keying

Object removal

Paint out





Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop
Mac OS/ Windows
Comfortable with Maya, Houdini, Shotgun